June 9, 2016

Landscaping: The Magic of Groundcover

Pretty and versatile, groundcover provides an original alternative to a traditional grass lawn. Here are five good reasons to use groundcover.
Landscaping: The Magic of Groundcover

1. Something for everyone

Perennials, shrubs, grasses, ferns, mosses ... groundcover options are extremely varied and can be used in all types of settings. However, they are not particularly resistant to being trampled on, and should therefore be restricted to low traffic areas.

2. Zero maintenance

Yes, you read that correctly: groundcover does not require any maintenance. If planted in sufficient quantities, it forms a thick vegetation that is resistant to winter and does not require any mowing or fertilizer. The key is to choose the right types of plants based on soil conditions and the degree of moisture and sunshine they require.

3. Say goodbye to weeding!

Groundcover fills in bare spaces in landscaping and takes the place of the stubborn weeds. But beware, ground cover can also be invasive sometimes! If that’s the case, it must be controlled by borders.

4. Extreme conditions

Groundcover can even flourish in those spots where grass refuses to grow. Poor soil conditions, undergrowth or rough terrain are no match for groundcover. It even helps to prevent soil erosion caused by water or wind.

5. And it’s nice to look at!

Green or flowery, crawling or slender, groundcover provides a superb effect in landscaping. For example, moss can be used to fill in the gaps between stepping stones, ferns can be used to line the floor of undergrowth, and periwinkles can be used to adorn flowerbeds.

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