June 27, 2019

Rustic Decor: A Return to the Basics

Some decor styles are more difficult to achieve than others, but a rustic style could not be more simple. Limit yourself to the essentials, without any bells or whistles, and you will immediately feel a sense of comfort and warmth, like you would at a country chalet.

The natural and country-inspired elements of a rustic decor, which harken back to a simpler time, can also be combined with other decor styles, such as an industrial or contemporary look.

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Au Naturel

Choose raw, natural materials such as wood, brick or stone. For sofas and bedding, opt for fabrics made of natural fibres, such as cotton or linen.

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Shapes, Textures and Accessories

To successfully create a rustic look at home, focus on straight lines and unrefined textures. Then add handmade or old-fashioned accessories, such as old furniture and burlap rugs.

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A touch of Colour

Although natural colours, such as white, beige and grey, are often used for a rustic decor, feel free to add a few touches of colour. For example, plants will add freshness and life to a room while maintaining a rustic feel.

If you decide to use fake plants, don't skimp on quality. They must be as realistic as possible, both in their shade and their composition.

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If you want to reconnect with nature and simplicty, add your own personal touches to achieve a rustic look that you enjoy!

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