July 14, 2022

Solutions for moisture in the basement

Getting rid of moisture in the basement can seem like a never-ending battle. As soon as you fix moisture in one area, it pops up somewhere else. There are a few tried-and-true ways to dry out moisture in your basement, or at least reduce it. Read on for tips on dealing with moisture in the basement.

What are the indications of moisture in the basement?

Moisture is one of the things that can damage your home. Standing water is a clear indication of moisture issues in the basement. Look out for material degradation and rust. Other unmistakable signs include:

  • Chipped paint on the walls
  • A white, powdery substance (called efflorescence) on the brick
  • Rotting wood
  • Damaged drywall

Moisture can also reveal itself in the form of a mildewy smell, slimy walls, or dampness on the ceiling.

What are normal moisture levels?

Basements by definition usually have more moisture than any other part of a building. It’s best to keep basement humidity levels between 40% and 60%, ideally without exceeding 50%. Read our article for more about home humidity levels.

What causes moisture?

Moisture in the basement usually comes from one of three sources:

  • Rain or groundwater: External water can infiltrate interiors. Inadequate grading or insufficient downspouts and gutters may leave your basement vulnerable to moisture.
  • Interior sources of moisture: Moisture can come from a dryer, shower, or even new concrete.
  • Letting high-humidity outdoor air inside: When it’s hot outside, it’s only natural to open basement windows to cool off. Humid outdoor air can create condensation on walls and floors.

How to fix basement moisture?

Drying out moisture in your basement requires targeted measures. In general, work begins on the house’s exterior to fix leaks around the basement, repair cracks in foundation walls, and apply an exterior masonry waterproofer. Installing a sump pump will help keep harmful moisture away from your basement. For more tips, visit: https://soumissionrenovation.ca/blog/how-to-reduce-your-home-moisture.

What to do about lingering odours?

Moisture issues in the basement may leave a mildewy smell even after the problem has been fixed. Bowls of baking soda placed around the basement will help dispel lingering odours, as will a thorough cleaning. Use a mixture of water and white vinegar on surfaces and floors. Here are some effective ways to get rid of mold.

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