March 30, 2022

Spring cleaning: the perfect opportunity for a garage sale

Spring is the season of renewal and the ideal to time to clean up your home and get rid of unnecessary items. If you’re thinking about spring cleaning, why not organize a garage sale? Here are some tips for effective spring cleaning and how to easily organize a garage sale.
Family organizing a garage sale in front of their house

Declutter, room by room

Effective spring cleaning is not just about cleaning everything. You also need to take this opportunity to declutter your living spaces and get rid of anything you no longer need. Go room by room and create three piles:

  • Items to keep
  • Items to sell
  • Items to discard/recycle

Place items for sale in boxes or bags and note the contents. Discard or recycle anything that is worn out, stained or in poor working condition.

Clean before storing

Before returning the items you will keep to their storage space, give the cupboard, closet or wardrobe a thorough clean. Start with a good dusting, then wipe surfaces with a damp cloth and a cleaning product. Next, wash exterior surfaces such as cabinet doors.

Organize your garage sale

Once you have chosen which items to sell, affix a sticker to each of them with your sale price. Create a Word or Excel document containing your “inventory” and the price of each item.

You then need to find a date to hold your garage sale. Note that most municipalities permit them only on specific dates, usually twice a year in the spring and fall.

Depending on the type of items you want to sell, you will also need tables, clothes racks, boxes and shelves.

clothes rack with children`s clothing prepared for a garage sale

Collection of old books for sale on a tableAdvertise your garage sale

You will want to attract as many buyers as possible, so advertise your garage sale in various media. Social networks are great for this, especially Marketplace on Facebook, as well as the free classified ads on sites like Kijiji and Craigslist. Keep your ad short and include the following information:

-        Date and time of garage sale

-        Address where it will take place

-        Types of items for sale, with a few photos

You should also make some signs to put up on nearby streets, particularly at major intersections. Finally, check with your municipality to see if it has a section on its website that displays the addresses of planned garages sales in its territory.

Morning prep on the day of the garage sale

The day before your garage sale, make sure you have notes and coins for change and keep them in a locked petty cash box. At least one hour before your garage sale begins, set up your tables and other displays and arrange your items for sale. Be prepared early, as many buyers go into garage sales a few minutes in advance, especially when you are selling popular items.

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