August 27, 2019

The 8 Dirtiest Items in Your Home

Germs are everywhere in our homes. While most of them are harmless, it's still a good idea to eliminate them as much as possible to avoid the spread of illness. Here are the 8 dirtiest items in your home that you need to clean regularly.

Doorknobs and cabinet handles

When cleaning the house, we often forget to wipe down the many doorknobs and cabinet handles throughout our home. However, these are some of the items that are touched most often. So don't forget to clean them regularly!

The refrigerator handle

When was the last time you washed the handle of your fridge? Our hands are often dirty in the kitchen, particularly when we're cooking or grabbing some food after coming in from outside.

The TV remote

The slits and buttons make it very difficult to clean. In addition, we often have more than one and we touch them when we're eating popcorn and other snacks in front of the TV. These remotes are full of bacteria, so it is advisable to wash them weekly with a disinfectant wipe.

The bathtub, bath mat and bath towels

The moisture contained in these items is conducive to the multiplication of bacteria. Experts recommend cleaning the bathtub after each use, washing the bath mat every week and changing your towels every three days.

Light switches

You may wash your light switches every time you wash your walls, but unlike a wall, light switches are touched many times every day. Thus, they should be cleaned more often.

The kitchen sponge

With more than one million bacteria, it is one of the dirtiest items in your home. Despite the soap, sponges actually spread dirt on the surfaces that you wash. It is advisable to rinse the kitchen sink and sponge several times a week with a natural disinfectant and water.

Pillows and sheets

They are filled with dead skin cells, drool and sweat. To avoid bacteria and mites, wash your sheets at high temperatures. As for your pillows, there are protective antibacterial covers that you can buy.

Your cell phone

While it's not necessarily an object in your house, it's the item that contains the most germs in our daily lives – more than the toilet seat or kitchen sink! Cell phones release heat that make them a breeding ground for bacteria. Furthermore, we bring our phone with us everywhere and put it down on all sorts of dirty surfaces.

Now that you know where bacteria hides in your home, you simply need to pay particular attention to these items and clean them regularly and thoroughly.

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