May 28, 2024

The Hygge Trend: Comfort in Your Decor

Not surprisingly, people from other countries seek to emulate the Danish lifestyle in a bid to capture this sense of contentment. One concept that can be applied within your home is hygge, which refers to the natural aura of warmth and lack of artificial design that you, your family, and visitors experience.

The word hygge was first introduced to the Danish language in the early 1800s. The cozy lifestyle it promotes has since become an integral part of Danish culture. It embraces the idea of enjoying the simple things in life and appreciating the moment. It can be as basic as curling up on a couch with the newspaper and a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy Sunday. Hygge has been credited with reducing feelings of isolation, seasonal depression and anxiety.

Decor Ideas That Capture Hygge

Here are some ways to make your home more hygge-friendly.

Clever lighting: Where possible, bring in the natural light. Open curtains and blinds during the day, or even install a skylight. At night, place lamps in different corners of your home and use candles to create a warm ambiance. The use of several light sources makes a room seem less harsh and much more inviting.

Calming colours: Pastels and neutrals such as greys, creams or browns are ideal for a hygge colour scheme. Bright colours and patterns are too overwhelming when trying to create a serene atmosphere. Cushions, rugs and vases of flowers can be used to provide small pops of colour for contrast.

Contrasts: Hygge is about balance. Wood, ceramic and marble furniture can be softened by cushions or rugs made from fleecy materials. The emphasis is on practicality and comfort, so fluffy pillows or rugs are ideal. Lumpy overstuffed cushions that are merely for show or scratchy quilts that you cannot snuggle into have no place in a hygge-inspired home.

Casual fireplace: Where practical, the centerpiece of your hygge decor should be the fireplace. Keep it casual so that family and friends feel welcome to huddle there. A well-designed space around your fireplace can create a sense of togetherness and fun. If it isn't possible to have a real fireplace in your home, consider buying one of the portable electric options that are available.

Cozy nooks: Hygge is about creating cozy spaces within the home for different activities. There might be a small nook next to a window for reading, or a large coffee table and soft rug next to the fireplace where the family sits to play cards. A hygge home is meant to show that people actually live there, so don't be afraid to scatter items or have some clutter.

Hygge decor for wellness

These cozy changes will make your home more amenable to activities that reduce stress and increase happiness. Hygge is definitely one decor trend that has benefits beyond creating merely cosmetic changes to your home.

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