September 15, 2016

The Right Way to Set Up a Kitchen

A lot of thought should be put into designing a kitchen. To combine good taste with good food, it’s important to respect the basic rules of kitchen planning: distance, height, movement, lighting and safety.


There’s a well-known principle in kitchen design referred to as the kitchen work triangle, which corresponds to the regular “travel” area in the kitchen. Moving through the storage area, the preparation area, the stove and the cleaning area must be fluid and natural. The distance between these areas should be roughly equivalent and there should be a space of approximately 70 to 100 cm between each element for optimal movement.

The Right Way to Set Up a Kitchen - 1

Proper distances

Ideally, the cooking area, sink area and storage area should all be within reach, but:

  • The dishwasher should be placed close to the sink and the garbage can;
  • The range hood should sit between 60 and 70 cm above the cooking surface;
  • If possible, place the burners, oven and microwave in the same area, for added convenience;
  • Avoid having the cooking area or the sink in a corner.
The Right Way to Set Up a Kitchen


To work comfortably in the kitchen, your work surfaces and storage areas must be the proper height. Take into account the height of the person who does most of the cooking. The height of the work surface must allow the chef to look into deep pots, and the oven should ideally sit between a person’s eyes and waist. Taller pieces should be at eye level if possible, while low pieces should be at knee level. However, if you have young children, you will need to monitor their access.

The Right Way to Set Up a Kitchen


An essential element in any kitchen, lighting provides both comfort and aesthetics. The whole room should be well lit and some areas require extra lighting, such as the sink area and countertops. You can be creative with your lighting solutions by combining inlaid lights, hanging lights or indirect lighting.

The Right Way to Set Up a Kitchen


As you know, the colours of a room can affect how big it looks. So, depending on the size of your kitchen, a well thought out design can make a big difference. For example, a light coloured ceiling gives the impression of increased height, while low furniture and large floor tiles make a room appear bigger, as does the use of mirrors.

The Right Way to Set Up a Kitchen


Water and electricity are not a good mix… As such, it’s important to take appropriate safety measures and allow an adequate distance between the sink and cooktop (at least 30 cm). Also, do not place anything on top of the oven or the microwave, and opt for an oven with a secured cool door if you have children.

In conclusion...

To properly plan a kitchen, you must take several factors into account to create a comfortable and pleasant space. If you’re embarking on this project, do not hesitate to seek advice from a professional!

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