March 21, 2016

Thermographic Testing: See the Invisible!

Did you know that you can discover the secrets that lie behind the walls and ceilings of a house without even having to open them up? Welcome to the world of infrared thermography!

More and more buyers are opting to have a thermographic scan done before purchasing a home. Sophisticated thermal imaging infrared cameras are able to identify gaps in the insulation, water seepage, overheating in the electrical panel and more. And the beauty of thermographic testing is that it does not require that walls be opened for a reliable and accurate picture of the situation.

Used in multiple fields, thermographic scanning is a technique that records the temperature of surfaces or objects using infrared rays. The data is recorded by a camera which is then reproduced as colour images. Red represents higher temperatures while colder temperatures are represented by blue.

For example, if a section of a wall scanned from the inside in winter shows blue, it could indicate that there is cold air infiltration. If the same section of the wall is scanned from the outside and shows red, it indicates heat loss.

Following a thermographic test, the inspector will be able to provide the potential buyer with a detailed report with images that show that the walls actually can talk!

Since analyzing the data is complex and many factors must be taken into account before final conclusions can be drawn, it is important to do business with a professional thermographer who is certified in the use of the camera and report writing.

If you want to take advantage of this technology, ask your real estate broker to recommend a thermographer who can meet your needs.

Thermographic Testing: See the Invisible!
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