September 1, 2016

Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

A garage sale is the perfect solution to avoid putting your old, useless things into boxes that end up collecting dust in your closets. Here are some tips to make your garage sale a success!
  • Before even starting your preparations, find out from your municipality the rules surrounding garage sales; some municipalities allow garage sales twice a year (for each postal address), while others only allow them on specific dates of the year.
  • Use social media to advertise your garage sale the week before you hold your sale. Also, be strategic and choose key intersections for displaying the date, time and address of where the garage sale will be held. Be imaginative and create original posters that will attract the attention of people going by in cars, bikes or on foot.
Tips for a Successful Garage Sale
  • Do something with your pets! While your dog may be known as the friendliest pooch in the neighbourhood, not everyone is comfortable around animals and people may choose to steer clear of your garage sale if they see a dog on your property. It’s therefore a good idea to leave your pets indoors.
  • Remember that it’s a garage sale, not a luxury clothing sale. Regardless of the price you paid for your items, they are now second hand. If your prices are too high, your things will not sell. Also, don’t be afraid to negotiate, particularly if the person wants to buy several items.
  • Round your prices and make them visible. This way, it will be easier to total the prices of items and make change. Also, you won’t waste time looking for prices.
  • People who go to garage sales are more curious than anything... They want to see what you have for sale, they aren’t necessarily looking for one specific item. Their purchases are often impulsive. Be quick and jump on every opportunity to sell!

By using these tips and advice, you should be able to make your garage sale a resounding success.

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