March 16, 2017

Tricks to Increase Interior Light

Well-balanced lighting brings charm and character to every room in the house. With the right lamps and careful placement of the light sources, you will be able to transform the look of a room. Here is what you need to know about lighting.


With central lighting (for example, a light above the island) and light sources for your workspaces (counter, sink, stove, etc.), you will have perfect lighting!

Tricks to Increase Interior Light - 1


Ceiling lights and low-intensity halogen lights remain the ideal choice for your bathroom. Remember that the mirror will reflect the light. The even distribution of light will help avoid a harsh effect.

Tricks to Increase Interior Light - 2

Living and Dining Room

Dimmer switches are a must for these two rooms. The lighting for weekday meals must definitely not be the same as for meals with friends on weekends! It is a question of atmosphere. Many light sources will help soften the atmosphere, as opposed to a single ceiling light. Also, adding a few candles will add warmth to the room.

Tricks to Increase Interior Light - 3

Children’s Rooms

Avoid unfortunate accidents... Never use unstable bedside lamps! Ceiling or wall-mounted lights are ideal. Make sure that you can turn the lights on when entering the room.

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Here are some other helpful tips:

  • Lights inside your home should never blind you. This is why bright white paint for your walls is not the best idea. Instead, choose an off-white or neutral colour.
  • A ceiling light located above your worktable will cast a shadow when you move forward. The light source should come from the sides.
  • Do you want to highlight one of your pieces of art in particular? You can easily accomplish this by playing with the lighting. By placing the light source in front, behind or beside an object, you will notice that the object will appear larger.


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