July 5, 2022

Wall-mounted heat pumps

Many homeowners opt to install an air conditioning system to stay comfortable in the heat and humidity of summer. Given Quebec’s chilly winters, a device that can perform both heating and air conditioning is an exciting option. Enter the heat pump.

Some, but not all homes can accommodate a central heat pump system. Ductless homes and condominiums can accommodate a wall-mounted heat pump. If you are interested in a heating and cooling system, read on to learn more about wall-mounted heat pumps. 

How does a wall-mounted heat pump work?

A wall-mounted heat pump moves air from the outside in or the inside out, depending on the season. In summer, hot air inside the house is drawn out and expelled, making the house cooler. In winter, warm air is drawn in from outside, additionally heated, and transferred into the home.

A wall-mounted heat pump has an indoor unit and an outdoor compressor. It is most often used in houses or condominiums that can’t accommodate a central unit because there are no ducts. Read our article for more information about heat pumps:  Heat pumps and their benefits.

How is a wall-mounted heat pump installed?

A wall-mounted heat pump is relatively simple to install. The inner unit is mounted on an interior wall and the compressor is installed outdoors. Holes are drilled behind the inner unit to connect the two.

What are the advantages of a wall-mounted heat pump?

Wall-mounted heat pumps take up less space than central heat pumps and are easily installed in most homes or condos. Another advantage of wall-mounted heat pumps is that they let you create multiple zones in your home. Instead of heating or cooling the whole house, you can adjust the temperature in individual areas. Wall-mounted heat pumps can also significantly improve indoor air quality. The unit’s filters trap airborne contaminants, removing dust and allergens.

Can a wall-mounted heat pump be used for heating?

While a wall-mounted heat pump can be highly efficient, its capacities are limited in extreme cold. A back-up heating system is your best bet for winter. For a comparison of different heating systems, including heat pumps, check out this article:  Everything you ever wanted to know about heating.

How much does a wall-mounted heat pump cost?

The cost of a wall-mounted heat pump system depends on the number of BTUs, the quantity of interior units and the quality of the system. The purchase and installation price is between $2,300 and $5,000, so a price comparison from different companies and contractors is recommended.

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