May 18, 2017

White Kitchens: Modern and Chic

White in the kitchen provides a sense of space, maximizes the light and gives you the luxury of choosing any style, whether contemporary, Scandinavian, retro or rustic. You can arrange it anyway you desire. Simply let your imagination flow and create a kitchen with character.

Let's see how with some examples!

An industrial style for this white kitchen. Even the exposed beams are painted white. The old fireplace mantel gives it style. The dark brown wood floor provides a nice contrast and blends perfectly into the room. We like the central island and bistro-style chairs. A little plus: decorating with a wood ladder is a very original idea.


White Kitchens: Modern and Chic - 1


The character of this modern white kitchen is created by playing with various materials. Subway tiles are used to great effect. The contrasting black counter highlights the white, while the wood floor adds a warm touch. The ceiling track lights provide plenty of light and the counter stools are very trendy!


White Kitchens: Modern and Chic - 2



A Scandinavian style for this white kitchen. Light wood and simple lines create a pleasant room to prepare meals for the family. Notice the small touches of green scattered throughout the kitchen. The dishes are easily accessible in the central island that also serves as a table. A little plus: the kitchen is perfectly lit with the long track lighting.


White Kitchens: Modern and Chic - 4


A bohemian look for this retro kitchen. Here, materials such as wood, stainless steel and wrought iron are freely mixed. The kitchen has a special personality thanks to the old table worn by time and the old-style stove. We particularly like the glasses stored on the shelf, bistro-style, and the two huge pendant lights.


White Kitchens: Modern and Chic - 5


A white laboratory look for this ultramodern kitchen. A nice clean space which provides lots of flexibility when preparing meals. A beautiful blend of wood and marble as well as shades of brown, gray and white. Note the exposed pipes on the ceiling that recall the former vocation of the space.


White Kitchens: Modern and Chic - 6


A luxurious white kitchen in the classic style. Here, the black countertops contrast with the white walls and furniture. The floor and marble countertops contribute to a glossy effect. With the high-end stove, the balance is perfect!


White Kitchens: Modern and Chic - 7


A country look for this white kitchen with rough wood beams. A simple, delightful and warm place to enjoy a meal. No frills, just the basics. The rug adds life to the room, along with some well-placed plants and retro lighting.


White Kitchens: Modern and Chic - 8


An all-white world for this kitchen with its mix of wood, marble and glass. Imagine preparing and eating your meals with a view of nature. The bay windows provide a clear view of the trees and brighten up the room. The wide plank hardwood flooring enhances the room with its warm tone.


White Kitchens: Modern and Chic - 9


White and wood for this modern, attractive kitchen. Note the mix of wood and stainless steel materials. The backsplash adds an original touch, as do the lights recessed in the wood overhang. A large space with a high central island to bring out your inner chef.


White Kitchens: Modern and Chic - 10


White is beautiful, it's chic, it's imaginative and it’s ideal to enhance any kitchen ... time to get inspired!


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