November 7, 2023

Find your ideal lot for sale on

Dreaming of building your own home on a beautiful lot? Or maybe you would like to build a small cottage in a place where you can relax and unwind? At, you'll find lots for sale to suit every taste. Read on for some winning search tips to help you find the lot that’s right for you.

Define your needs

There are thousands of properties for sale or rent on Before starting your search, you need to identify your needs:

  • How much land would you like?
  • In which region?
  • If you want a cottage, how far from your main home are you willing to travel?
  • Would you like a waterfront country house or one with waterfront access?

Buying a lot to build a house takes time and effort. To help you, read our article on the 12 factors to consider before buying land to build a house.

Begin your search

To get started, go to the homepage. Make sure the "For sale" option is selected if that’s what you’re interested in. You can specify a region and price range now or do so later.

Click on the "Filters" tab to open the submenu, then check "Lot."

Choose your features

Under the "Features" tab, you can select properties on the waterfront or next to a navigable body of water, for example.

Select your criteria

Finally, opening the "Other Criteria" tab lets you select your preferred land area. Obviously, people enjoy having space around them. That said, a cottage on a relatively small lot with topography or trees may still offer enough privacy.

Click on "Search."

If necessary, indicate your lifestyle choices

Once on the results page, you can further refine your results as required. To do so, click on the "Lifestyle" button, then select the most important criteria from the following three categories: transportation, access to services and character.

Think carefully about your lifestyle habits—a beautiful country house will lose its appeal if a long drive for groceries is really not your thing!

One last tip: create a free account to save your search and save your favorite properties. You'll also be able to receive alerts when properties matching your criteria are posted on Simply check this option when you save your search.

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