April 12, 2022

11 plants for a sunny balcony

If you’re thinking of adding some greenery to your balcony, make sure to choose sun-loving plants. Here are some ideas for creating your own green oasis on a sunny balcony.

Shade and water

French site Jardiland has some good tips on prepping your balcony for plants. The first: create some shade, wherever possible. Certain tall or climbing plants can provide respite from the sun and wind for other more fragile plants.

The site also suggests using deep pots as they will stay wet longer. Cover the soil with mulch to help trap moisture.

Finally, if possible, install an automatic watering system to maintain the soil moisture at the right level. An automatic system can also water your balcony plants while you’re on vacation.

Plants for a sunny balcony

What vegetables should you plant on a sunny balcony? When should you plant cherry tomatoes on the balcony? Which inexpensive plants are suitable for a balcony? You can find answers to all these questions from the team at your local garden centre.

Want to know which plants are best suited to a sunny balcony? Check out these 11 plant ideas:

  1. Geraniums are a favourite for south-facing balconies due to their love of the sun and resistance to wind.
  2. Celosia adds colour to your balcony!
  3. Petunias grow best in full sun.
  4. Pansies prefer full sun in the morning and some shade in the afternoon.
  5. Cherry tomatoes offer maximum flavour with maximum sun.
  6. Lavender brings beauty and a sweet aroma to your balcony.
  7. Like many other herbs, lemongrass grows extremely well in direct sunlight.
  8. Oregano is another sun-loving herb that is great to have close to the kitchen.
  9. Oleander has beautiful and highly decorative flowers.
  10. The very pretty heliotrope loves the sun but needs shade in the middle of the day.
  11. Beans grow well in a balcony railing planter.

Feel free to talk to an expert at a garden centre. This way, you’ll get advice tailored to your needs, the local climate and the amount of sunshine your balcony gets.

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