February 23, 2022

11 amazing white kitchen ideas

Fashion and trends change regularly, whether in the clothing industry or even in the interior design world. But some things are timeless. Like the little black dress, the white kitchen remains a classic and often requires only a touch of colour and a few accessories to give it a modern look.

Whether it’s for a new build or a renovation, there are a number of advantages to choosing a white kitchen. While a white kitchen may seem boring to some, it is the ideal canvas for those who want a modern-looking kitchen or who prefer a more traditional style. To help you design your future kitchen, we have 11 amazing white kitchen ideas to share.

The all-white kitchen

To create a bright and timeless kitchen, make white the dominant colour in your space: white kitchen cabinets, white walls and floors and white kitchen counters and chairs.

All-white kitchen

The white kitchen with a touch of colour

If you want to add a touch of colour to an all-white kitchen, opt for colourful accessories or a bright ceramic backsplash. For example, bright yellow will brighten the room, while black will bring a modern touch to the space.

Yellow and white kitchen

The white kitchen with wood

Natural wood shades are ideal for creating a warm atmosphere in a white kitchen, whether you go for a modern and minimalist Scandinavian style or a traditional country look. Depending on your tastes, Scandinavian-style kitchens can be a good source of inspiration to help you incorporate several wood elements, combine white kitchen cabinets with wooden cabinets or drawers or simply settle for a wooden butcher block countertop.

White kitchen with wood

The white and grey kitchen

White and grey kitchens are another classic style. When well chosen, grey can bring softness and warmth to the room. Marble countertops, concrete floors and stainless steel appliances look superb when incorporated into a white kitchen.

White and grey kitchen

The black and white kitchen

Black and white kitchens are elegant and unmistakably modern. Depending on your desired atmosphere, you can opt for a few black accessories or be daring and paint an accent wall in black.

Black and white kitchen

The tuxedo-style kitchen

Tuxedo-style kitchens have never lost their charm. For this type of kitchen, choose lower cabinets and/or a kitchen island in a contrasting colour, while keeping everything else white.

Tuxedo-style kitchen

The modern white kitchen

Fans of modern design love white kitchens with clean lines and shiny surfaces that reflect the light. With a bright backsplash, a modern white kitchen will never be boring.

Modern white kitchen

The shabby chic white kitchen

The shabby chic style incorporates antique-inspired furniture and accessories, traditional kitchen cabinets and white-painted woodwork or shiplap. This type of kitchen looks great in an ancestral or country-style home.

Shabby chic kitchen

The country-style white kitchen

White country-style kitchens are the best option for ancestral or old homes. The kitchen cabinets are usually shaker-style and accessories such as cabinet door handles will have a retro or vintage-inspired design.

Country-style kitchen

The minimalist white kitchen

This style of white kitchen is ultra modern and sleek. The white kitchen cabinets are smooth with no handles or knobs. The appliances are understated and counters are free from accessories.

Minimalist white kitchen

The white kitchen with a coloured island

A coloured island in a white kitchen is all you need to bring some colour and warmth to the space.

White kitchen with a coloured island

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