December 15, 2022

15 tips for decorating your living room

Since your living room is a central room in your home, it’s important that you choose the perfect decor. Whether you prefer a rustic look, a contemporary vibe or a modern style, here are some tips that will help you design your space like a true expert.

Before you start selecting your living room decor, consider what style you want (modern, rustic, contemporary, etc.), and the primary use of the room (relaxing, hosting friends, watching movies, etc.). These two decisions will guide your choices and help you create the perfect environment.

Ideas for living room essentials

Walls and floors

  • Wall colours really set the tone of your living room. For modern decor, choose black and white with gold accents. For a more rustic look, opt for neutral shades. Want to create a vibrant, dynamic space? Let loose with some bright colours.
  • Consider adding a painted arch or large patterns to a wall for a unique visual effect.
  • Wall decorations are also important. Create an attractive arrangement with framed photos and paintings or even carefully selected objects. 
  • If you have a small apartment with limited wall space, try a carpet with geometric or colourful patterns to instill a dynamic feel.
  • Be sure to hide loose cables behind or under furniture. It’s a little detail that makes a big difference in the first impression of the room.

Furniture and lighting

  • Avoid overloading the space. Consider the room as a whole to avoid creating visual distortion with the height of furniture. Aim for consistency.
  • Resist the temptation to arrange all the furniture against the walls. We promise: the visual effect will be much more pleasing.
  • Have fun with your tables. Try side tables at the ends of furniture, low tables near the centre of the room or by windows, and lift-top tables for extra storage.
  • Vary the lighting sources so you can change the ambiance to suit the context (floor lamps, overhead lights, table lamps, reading light, etc.)
  • To give your decor a fresh look, simply change the cover on your sofa or armchair.

Design ideas

  • Choose each piece carefully to make sure it complements your decor. Go for continuity, but don’t be too extreme. Follow your instincts and showcase your passions. Love to travel? Display a stylish metal globe, a framed photo from a favourite trip or another souvenir.
  • Consider the interplay between textures of fabric (felt, wool, velvet, brushed cotton) and objects (smooth or natural wood, glass, marble, etc.).
  • Arrange an assortment of cushions for a cozy feel.
  • To give the room a touch of life, add plants and flowers.
  • Incorporate various sized baskets, chests or boxes to store various small items. Keep clutter to a minimum: it’s a distraction that makes it harder to admire the impeccable style and taste of your decor.

These living room ideas will inspire you to design a room that reflects your personality. You owe it to yourself to create a room you’re going to love to spend time in!

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