February 21, 2023

7 colour trends we’ll see everywhere in 2023

It’s a new year with a fresh beginning, so what better way to celebrate than to introduce a little more colour into your life? If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered! Check out this list of the best new home decor colour trends of 2023.

1. Orangey-reds

Orangey-red hues are absolutely on fire this year (see what we did there?). Choose from bright terracotta shades like Bejamin Moore’s Raspberry Blush, coral hues like BHG’s Canyon Ridge, or clay-coloured neutrals like Sherwin Williams’ Redend Point, or Dunn Edwards’ Terra Rosa.

2. Vibrant blues and greens

Deep blues and greens are in, combining the jewel-toned trends of 2022 with the more zen, natural trends of 2023. Deep turquoises such as Glidden’s Vining Ivy combine elegance and serenity, while olive tones such as PPG’s Olive Sprig offer lush and organic colours we might expect to see in a beautiful garden.

3. Stone beiges and grays

Continuing on the trend of bringing the outdoors in, neutral stone hues are popular this year especially when paired with natural textures. For a light choice, choose off-whites like Behr’s Blank Canvas or Farrow and Ball’s Cabbage White. For a darker option, consider Sherwin Williams' Agreeable Gray or Dutch Boy's Rustic Greige.

4. Lavender

According to design forecasters Coloro and WGSN, lavender is the key colour of 2023 because it represents wellness and digital escapism. Individuals are concerned with creating spaces that evoke a sense of stability, balance and improve their mental health in 2023. Lavender is perfect for this because it is a gender inclusive colour with a shorter wavelength that evokes calmness and serenity. To utilize this colour trend in 2023, try Valspar’s Gentle Violet or Jotun’s Lavender Touch.

5. Golden yellows and ochres

York Wallcoverings named Amber as their colour of the year because it “captures the warmth of light for renewal, energy, and power.” Try deep yellow hues like Benjamin Moore's Amber or Oxford Gold in your living room to create an accent wall or accessorize with ochre-coloured furniture to stay on top of this home decor colour trend in 2023.

6. Pink or magenta

Pantone has chosen Viva Magenta as colour of the year, and we expect to see this deep fuschia pink popping up everywhere in 2023. It aligns perfectly with Barbiecore, a trend that began in 2022 that aims to embrace a fun, flirty and free-spirited space where no one takes themselves too seriously.

7. Dark browns and blacks

Deep, sophisticated colours are definitely on trend in 2023 – whether it’s dark greens, purples, browns or even black. For something warm and engaging, try something like Benjamin Moore’s Wenge, a deep chocolate hue featuring hints of brown, black, and violet. Pair white with a deep charcoal like Dunn Edward’s Stargazing for a classic black and white interior that will never go out of style.

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