December 7, 2023

25 Christmas decoration ideas

Looking to decorate your home with originality and flair for Christmas? We’ve handpicked 25 Christmas decorations ideas to inspire you. Some require a bit of DIY while others simply require installation.

Christmas decor

DIY Christmas decorations for the home

1. A Christmas ornament with a personal touch.

Christmas ornament with a reindeer

2. A cardboard cone and some wool can make the cutest Christmas trees!

Small Christmas trees made of wool

3. A beautiful reindeer made of wood or thick cardboard.

Small DIY reindeer

4. A candle ringed by cinnamon sticks.

A cinnamon candle holder

5. A Christmas felt ornament.

A Christmas tree made of padded felt

6. Branches and other natural elements made into a tree.

Fir tree shaped decoration

7. These wool-covered Christmas ornaments are less fragile and more original than the ones you buy in store!

Wool Christmas ornaments

8. Wood rounds with engravings or drawings.

Engraved or drawn wooden logs

9. A paper Christmas tree.

A Christmas tree made of paper

10. Floral lanterns.

Lanterns with natural elements

11. Original napkins.

Christmas tree shaped napkins in felt

12. A Christmas garland with paper trees and pinecones.

Christmas garland with natural elements

13. Simple pieces of painted cardboard form a lovely garland of small houses.

Small houses in cardboard

14. If you like a challenge, try creating a small Christmas village with cut cardboard and interior LED lighting.

Christmas village with cardboard and LED

15. A handmade advent calendar.

Simple advent calendar

Outdoor Christmas decorations

16. The classic Christmas wreath.

Handmade Christmas wreath

17. A Christmas tree made of twigs for the balcony or garden.

Assembled logs in the shape of a tree

18. An ice lantern featuring cedar and berries.

Decorated ice lantern

19. Garlands around the door to create a beautiful welcome for guests.

House entry decorated for Christmas

20. Snowflakes made from wood clothes pegs.

Simple snowflakes

21. Fun and easy-to-make elves or Christmas gnomes. You can also dress up your conifer branches for a fun look!

Christmas gnomes with cone hedges

22. Old ice skates look great hanging from a door.

Ice skates hanging

23. Try this off-the-wall character! 

Funny reindeer face

24. A rocking chair as the centrepiece of a rustic scene.

Rocking chair outside in winter

25. A snowman doing acrobatics.

Reversed snowman

For other decor ideas to add some Christmas magic, check out our article How to make outdoor Christmas decorations.

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