November 28, 2023

9 decor ideas for the bedroom

Decorating your bedroom allows you to make the room your own while creating a relaxing atmosphere. Check out these 9 bedroom decor ideas.

1. Comfort and style

Cushions and throws on beds and armchairs add to the coziness of a room, as can using darker colours, like forest green. Walls can be painted in these shades, or items like comforters can be used as colour accents. Consider textures like faux fur and velvet for a chic bedroom decor.

Green bedroom with wood elements

2. Embrace the natural

For a more peaceful decor and to tie in with white walls, use wood, wicker and other natural fibres for a slightly boho look. Woven baskets and trays can be placed on the floor and on furniture, or even hung on the wall, like frames.

Bedroom with natural colors

3. Mirror effect!

If your bedroom is on the smaller side, mirrors can make the space look bigger. Feeling bold? More mirrors the better! Placing a mirror on either side of the bed above bedside tables makes the room look and feel bigger.

Bedroom with big mirror

4. Home is where the art is!

Your bedroom is a reflection of your personality. It should look and feel like you. Instead of an impersonal image or artwork, consider hanging up an inspiring quote or getting a memorable photo from a trip enlarged and framed.

Choose accessories carefully and ask yourself whether they are items that you truly wish to display. This is a good way to sort through things and keep only the essentials.

Bedroom with painting on the wall

5. Floor to wall carpets

A rug on a wooden floor makes a room feel warmer. But have you ever considered hanging a rug with an eye-catching pattern at the head of the bed? The effect can certainly be surprising, and when you next decide to change up your room decor, you won’t have to repaint!

Colorful bedroom with a carpet on the wall

6. Gold and metal

For a chic, bold look, consider gold and metal accents in the bedroom, with accessories, lighting, furniture frames or even handles. You can play with different types of metal to highlight them. Because black and white are making a comeback, more and more people are combining this timeless duo with metal or gold.

Industrial bedroom with metal accents

7. Curtains to die for

It is impossible to decorate a room without considering window coverings. Why not try opaque curtains paired with lighter, sheer curtains, so you can sleep soundly at night and let the light in during the day?

Bedroom with green curtains

8.  Always more storage!

A bedroom should be a room where you can feel calm, but that’s difficult if the room is cluttered. Consider maximizing storage to keep the room as tidy as possible.

Bedroom with storage

9. Headboard

A new trend for adult bedroom decor is an oversized, full-length headboard. A headboard can also incorporate bedside tables, which add additional storage space and a place to install bedside lighting.

Dark bedroom with full-length headboard

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