October 4, 2023

Create a neutral living room decor perfect for seasonal accents

Why settle for the same decor all year round when you use a few key items to transform a room with every passing season?

Changing up a few decor items in your living room doesn’t have to be complicated, and relatively neutral base decor makes it even easier. Here are a few tips for creating a neutral living room decor that you can accessorize during the changing seasons.

Create a neutral living room decor

A neutral colour scheme is the perfect canvas for brightening up your living room when the mood strikes. Opt for walls, furniture and more permanent accessories in shades of white, cream or grey.

These colours pair perfectly with most seasonal colours and this year’s colour trends. When picking furniture, consider a minimalist esthetic or simple lines that will fit seamlessly into your living room decor.

Add seasonal touches and accessories

Now that you have a background to work with, just switch up accessories as the seasons or on-trend colours change. One simple way to transition your seasonal decor is with cushions.

Generally speaking, each season comes with a specific colour palette. For example, summer is associated with bright greens, shades of red and dark grey evoke winter, orange hues call to mind fall, and pastels are common in spring. Use these seasonal colours as inspiration for changing your cushions and create the perfect living room vibe throughout the year.

Orange hues in living room for fall

Seasonal accents here and there can add a touch of originality, providing decor inspiration for the modern living room. For example, why not fill beautifully decorated bowls with seashells or seasonal fruit to create a vacation vibe?

When the temperature drops, opt for soft, warm throws in holiday-inspired colours; aromatic fir branches and pine cones; and elegant candles or lanterns for a Scandinavian look.

Living room with candles and winter vibe

There are so many creative ways to revamp your living room decor with seasonal accessories, whether you take your inspiration from nature or the latest design trends. Rotating out your decor accessories lets you enjoy every season with minimal effort.

All you have to do is swap out a few accessories for a whole new decor. Take care not to go overboard, though—especially if you don’t have the storage space for your off-season decorations.

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