February 8, 2024

Trendy bathroom colours in 2024

Looking to revamp your bathroom this year? Choose trendy colours for a relaxing and practical space.

Immersing your bathroom in a fashionable colour can illuminate the room, play with the space, and highlight certain elements and sections. There are plenty of options to choose from.

  1. Walls. Bathrooms are quite humid, so use a suitable paint or wallpaper.
  2. Flooring. Reflections in colourful ceramics can change the way a colour looks. Patterned surfaces look less dirty. 
  3. Tiling. The tile colour can give a room some character, especially if it’s on the smaller side.
  4. Accessories. A few well-placed accessories in a timeless colour can have a powerful impact. It’s a trendy way to change up your bathroom decor. 

Fierce colours for 2024

Here are 4 trendy bathroom colours this year.


Pure, classic shades are always in style. Choose grey, white, or beige for a Zen style. These shades are modern and timeless. You’ll love these calming, neutral, and natural tones.

You can always bring energy to a room by adding some decor elements in a brighter shade. At the end of the day, pure colours create a soft, light and peaceful space.


Choose a warm colour like orange for a cozy ambiance. This vibrant tone brings energy to a room without being in-your-face. You might consider the Pantone Colour of the Year, Peach Fuzz. The way it blends with light and dark wood is stunning.

Go with terracotta and pink for more trendy bathroom options. Feeling adventurous? Try an earthy yellow ochre with black and white decor. It’s something different!


Black offers quite a luxurious and sophisticated look. Contrary to popular belief, black is ideal for small spaces. Try contrasting it with clean white tiles.

Proper lighting is necessary for great balance. For a touch of elegance, add gold-plated brass elements (taps, mirror, light fixtures, etc.).

Blue and green symbolize water and forests. These soothing, peaceful shades can help you to
relax and escape. Play with two tones of the same colour, like light and dark forest green, to create a harmonious space in 2024.

May the colourful road of 2024 lead right to a modern bathroom!

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