August 15, 2023

Which outdoor lighting should you choose for your backyard?

It’s fairly easy to create a beautiful space with patio furniture and a few colourful accessories, but many forget to consider the lighting to truly make the most of beautiful summer evenings. Here are a few tips for choosing the right outdoor lighting for your backyard decor.

Patio with string lighting

Consider the space

Start by thinking about how much light is already coming from your home and nearby properties. That way you can see what level of brightness you need. For example, in rural areas with less ambient light, smaller, lower-intensity lights work better, because no other light is outshining them.

Pay attention to trees and shrubs on your property. You can also light them with spotlights to make them stand out when night falls. This is especially true if you went with the landscaping trend of architectural simplicity, or if you chose trees and shrubs for a small yard. You can create the illusion of a larger space with the right technique.

Lighted backyard

Choose soft, warm outdoor patio lighting

Create a welcoming backyard by choosing warm, white bulbs ranging from 2,400 to 2,700 Kelvin. This won’t create the blinding effect you would get from high-intensity, cold lighting. Use this backyard decor tip in your relaxation areas, including the dining area and the lounge area on your patio.

Think about the mood you want to create

The beauty of lighting is that it can completely change the tone and feel of an outdoor space. So, whether you’re hosting an intimate evening or an outdoor lunch, the right lighting can help create the feel you want.

Add more outdoor light sources. Install string lights around the patio and add lanterns of various sizes on tables and on the ground, for example. For improved efficiency and durability, use LED outdoor lighting.

Front porch with outside lights

Properly light your doors

Your front door, side door and patio door must be well lit, if only for safety reasons. Plus, your front outdoor lighting is the first thing your guests will see. A lovely lantern on either side of the front door creates a welcoming effect while eliminating troublesome dark areas.

The best type of lighting depends on the size of your outdoor space and whether you want to improve the mood in your backyard or light an outdoor space for safety reasons. You can combine different types of outdoor lights to suit your specific needs.

Outdoor space with lights

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