The Role of the Real Estate Broker

A real estate transaction is a complex process that requires specific knowledge and skills to be successful. Real estate brokers have these qualities and put them at your disposal: a real estate broker works for you and in your best interest.

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My broker ensured that the buyer took the necessary steps to have the transfer of ownership notarized – he made sure the buyer had the required financing and made the appointment with the notary. I appreciated having him with me at the notary’s office.

Sonia Lévesque, Boisbriand

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The Real Estate Broker’s Responsibilities

A real estate broker essentially assumes the role of advisor, market expert, intermediary and negotiator. As advisors, real estate brokers have recognized training and know the laws and regulations that govern housing and real estate transactions. They guide you in obtaining a mortgage and help you meet the competent specialists you may need. Your broker listens to you, understands your needs and makes informed recommendations in the decisions that need to be made throughout the entire transaction.
Brokers are market experts. They have access to exclusive search tools that allow them to propose properties that meet your needs, they promote your property for sale through their various promotional platforms, and they ensure that potential buyers are qualified.
As intermediaries, real estate brokers establish and facilitate communication between all of the people involved in the transaction.
Brokers are expert negotiators; they know how to conclude a transaction to their client’s benefit, whether they are buying or selling a home.

A Broker’s Four Distinct Advantages

By using a real estate broker’s services, you will benefit from the broker’s four distinct advantages:

  1. A fair price: Brokers have the tools and expertise to accurately assess the value of a property;
  2. Command of all the forms and legal documents relating to the real estate transaction: Whether you are a buyer or seller, this will help you avoid many problems.
  3. Increased visibility of your for-sale property: Brokers have access to the Centris® system, which is the real estate brokers’ collaboration network;
  4. Security: Real estate brokers are subject to the Real Estate Brokerage Act, bylaws, and a strict code of ethics that protect both buyers and sellers.

Close to 13,000 professional real estate brokers are at your service in Québec.

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