July 8, 2021

Share your favourites with your broker!

You can now share your favourites with your broker on Centris.ca.

Log in

Click on the Log in button in the top right corner to log in to your Centris.ca account. If you don’t have an account yet, create one now.

Find your broker

Click on My Broker in the top menu bar, then click on Find a Broker.

Search for your broker, click on the heart next to their name, confirm and you’re all set!

Continue searching

You can save your searches and add favourites when you search for properties on Centris.ca.

To save your searches:

Select the criteria that are important to you. On the results page, click Save at the top right and name your search.

To add favourites:

Click the heart near the property to indicate if you love, like or dislike it.


To view or edit your saved searches or favourites, click on your initials or photo in the top right corner.

This information will be shared with your broker.

Quickly communicate with your broker

Quickly communicate with your broker from the sheet for any property that interests you.

Click your initials or photo in the top right corner, then click My Broker to contact your broker directly. You can also remove sharing for this broker once you have found your property.


With this new feature, you and your broker will make a great team!

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