July 20, 2022

A Real Estate Broker Helps You Keep Your Cool

It’s easy to fall in love when you visit a property. I’ve lived through it, I know, I’ve owned a house, a plex, a condo, a cottage, and land.

When I accompany clients, I can see them getting excited over the property, but I keep my cool. That’s my role, putting emotions aside so I can give the best advice to my clients. Yes, the yard is amazing, but the floors must be redone, do you really want to get into huge renovations?

I often visit dream properties. But I remind my clients of their objectives and their expectations. As a broker, I know where to find the potential problems and avoid mistakes.

Nowadays, my role is particularly important.
So many people want to buy a house that it’s easy to act too quickly. I help my clients keep their feet on the ground.

I particularly like to help first-time buyers. They are eager to learn and actually need to. I have the experience they do not, and I know the market. If a client is looking for a house in an area I don’t know as much, I contact other brokers.

What makes me truly happy? When a client buys a house, lives in it for 5 years and is still happy about their purchase after those 5 years. This means that I did what I had to do and that I can help them again if they ever need it for the next step of their life!

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