October 19, 2023

11 easy Halloween decorations

These 11 easy Halloween decorations will give visitors the shivers! Pumpkins, bugs and ghosts feature in these spooky decor ideas.

Halloween decorated entryway

1. Fabric stuffed pumpkins

Fabric stuffed pumpkins make cute Halloween decorations you can reuse for years. Take a knit circle, place some foam or stuffing in the middle, and close the edges to form a ball. Wind a bit of twine around the ball to make it look like a pumpkin.

Pumpkins made of stuffed fabric

2. Fall bouquet

Here’s a simple Halloween decor idea. Hollow out a pumpkin and fill it with seasonal flowers.

Pumpkin filled with flowers

3. Friendly ghost

For this one, you’ll need a blown-up balloon, a white sheet and a felt-tip pen. Draw some cute eyes on the sheet, throw it over the balloon and hang it outdoors to make your very own friendly ghost.

Ghost made of a sheet

4. Pumpkin lanterns

Jack-o-lanterns aren’t the only thing you can do with a pumpkin. Hollow one out and use an apple corer to make some holes. Voilà! Now you have a beautiful giant lantern!

Pumpkin with decorative holes

5. Halloween pennants

Cut some triangles out of a piece of felt and make two holes on the shortest side. Then string them onto a piece of rope or twine. Get the kids to help for some family fun.

Simple Halloween string

6. Impressive entrance
Place colourful chrysanthemums, a fall wreath, some Halloween decorations and a few pumpkins around your porch. It’ll make an impression on everyone who comes to your door!

Entrance decorated for Halloween

7. Creepy lanterns

Fill a glass jar with fake cobwebs, plastic bugs and a small string of LED lights or a couple of LED tealights. You can putthem inside or outside.

LED lights in jar with spiders

8. Painted pumpkins

You can decorate a pumpkin without removing all the seeds and guts. Try painting it a striking colour—like gold—or adding a motif.

Painted pumpkins

9. Light and shadows

Cut out scary shapes (cats, bats, spiders, etc.) of various sizes in black paper. Tape the fake shadows to your furniture, mirrors and picture frames. You can also hang string lights to accentuate the shadows.

Halloween frames

10. Ghoulish guests

With a little paint and a lot of imagination, you can transform some old cans into creepy creatures. The kids are sure to love this Halloween craft project.

Reused materials decorated for Halloween

11. Halloween white

Although black is often considered one of the main colours of Halloween, you can put together a look that features white instead. Orange and white create a striking contrast. Consider painting a pumpkin white and sticking spiders or other plastic bugs on it.

White kitchen with orange Halloween elements

Original Halloween decorations have never been easier. All it takes is a little inspiration!

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