October 4, 2022

7 easy and affordable ways to jump on the marble trend

It’s impossible to stay stone-faced before the beauty of marble. No wonder it’s a current decor darling. But how do you incorporate this noble material into your decor without breaking the bank?

You have two options.

The first is to invest in and showcase marble in a kitchen counter or bathroom.

The second is to integrate white or black marble, or other marble patterns, into different elements of your decor. Get inspired by these five affordable ideas.

1. Add a marble side table
Even a tiny table can make a big difference to your decor. Take advantage of the variety of marble colours and patterns available to find the perfect table for your dream decor.

2. Tile a wall or small surface
Even on a small section of a wall, marble or marble-patterned
tiles will make a statement in your space. Marble’s versatility lets you design a unique decor tailored to the size of your living space.

3. Dress up your backsplash in marble
A marble kitchen counter can be hugely expensive if it covers a large area. Don’t give up on marble entirely! Why not use it for the
kitchen backsplash!

4. Marble o’clock 
Marble is perfect for countertops, tables, bathrooms, etc. But there are simpler ways to use it, such as this beautiful marble clock.

5. The beauty of marble
Marble’s beauty can be expressed in many forms, including classic
bookends, chandeliers or a stand-out centrepiece.

6. The bathroom sink

Wood and marble pair beautifully. Placing a marble sink on a wooden vanity is an affordable solution that will add a splash of style to your bathroom!

7. Stone-cold comfort!

Adding marble to your decor can be expensive. You can still incorporate marble motifs into your decor with more budget-friendly items, such as drapery.

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