June 4, 2024

7 outdoor trends for your dream yard

Spring is here and it’s sparking the desire to redesign the yard and make the most of summer! What are the outdoor trends in 2024? Luxurious fire pits, a Mediterranean ambiance, natural swimming pools, a chef-worthy outdoor kitchen and more! Get inspired and start planning your new backyard today. 

Backyard with pergola

1. The perfect fire pit for gatherings

What could be better this summer than gathering around a cozy fire? This season, fire pits are taking centre stage in backyards. The options for homeowners are limitless. From traditional stoves to outdoor fireplaces and fire tables, there’s something for everyone!

Setting up a fire pit is a terrific way to create a striking aesthetic. Gravel or concrete stones are safe options that look great. Make sure you have enough seats to entertain family and friends for your evenings! Adirondack chairs are ideal for a warm and rustic ambiance. If you’re a DIYer, another patio trend is building your own wooden benches.

Fire pits and fireplaces

2. Chic Mediterranean-style furniture and decor

Long live the staycation! Instead of flying overseas, many homeowners are transforming their own outdoor space into a Mediterranean haven. This decor style is distinguished by light tones such as beige or off-white, natural materials and organic shapes. Incorporate some patterned ceramics for an extra dash of vivacity. The key is to create a palette of soft colours that blend seamlessly.

If you’re looking to add some greenery, olive trees are unquestionably the best way to evoke a Mediterranean feel. Get ready for a Mediterranean getaway without leaving the comfort of your own backyard!

Mediterranean decor

3. Contemporary outdoor and eco-friendly pools

Get ready for the heatwave! The summer of 2023 was the hottest on record, so swimming pools will no doubt be popular this year. Choose from a variety of contemporary and traditional styles.

Natural swimming pools are an increasingly popular and eco-friendly alternative thanks to their natural filtration system. In addition to their environmental friendliness, these pools thrive with their surroundings through the ingenious combination of vegetation and rocks to create a natural-looking basin. 

Inground pools

4. Chef-worthy outdoor kitchens

Do you love mouth-watering cooking shows like MasterChef? This year, bring your passion for gourmet cooking to your own backyard. Customize your outdoor kitchen by adding a pizza oven, charcoal barbecue or bar area! Quebecers love to BBQ, and their imagination knows no bounds when it comes to outdoor culinary creativity. Consider adding a roof to optimize your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens and BBQ

5. Vegetable gardens and greenhouses to connect with nature

The past few years have sparked a collective awakening about where food comes from and the importance of food self-sufficiency. Some enthusiasts are adopting this concept in their very own backyards, with vegetable gardens. This useful, rewarding outdoor trend is a great family activity and an excellent way to teach children about our relationship with nature.

There are several types of vegetable gardens: raised, traditional (in the ground in rows) or in containers. If you’re in an apartment or condo, opt for a vertical garden on the balcony. Greenhouses are a great way for seasoned gardeners to extend their growing season.

Vegetable gardens

6. Home saunas to embrace the essence of hygge

This year, we’re inspired by hygge, a Danish lifestyle that promotes well-being and comfort. A sauna is the perfect embodiment of this philosophy, offering not only deep relaxation but also a multitude of health benefits, as several studies have shown. There’s nothing stopping you from creating an oasis of relaxation in your own backyard!

To create a sauna worthy of a Scandinavian spa, consider building a walkway leading up to it. Add a space nearby for hanging towels and spruce it up with greenery so it’ll blend beautifully with the decor.

Home saunas

7. Sophisticated outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is more than a practical necessity, it’s an essential component of exterior design that influences ambiance and highlights architectural and landscaping features. One current outdoor lighting trend is hanging lights. Often seen on restaurant patios, these lights create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Solar lighting is another great way to enhance your yard and illuminate your walkways to separate different areas. Add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space with chic lighting that resembles interior light fixtures.

Outdoor lighting

Bonus: a space for Fido

Did you know that there are over 1,193,000 dogs in Quebec households? This is a great reason to create a dedicated dog area in the backyard! Consider a practical outdoor washing station to keep your four-legged friend clean after their outdoor adventures. A raised cooling bed is also an excellent way to help your dog stay comfortable on hot days.

Shade from a canopy or trees keeps your pet cool by protecting them from direct sunlight. Some owners even set up a miniature pool so Fido can safely cool off and have fun!

Accessories for dog

Outdoor trends in 2024: comfort and sustainable design

Exterior trends are evolving quickly to meet the needs of homeowners and changing lifestyles. From outdoor kitchens to vegetable gardens and natural pools, outdoor trends in 2024 reflect a growing desire for connection with nature, comfort and sustainability.

Looking for more outdoor trend ideas for your yard? Check out our properties for sale and see how other homeowners created their dream yard!

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