December 14, 2023

8 easy Christmas crafts for kids

Make Christmas decorating more fun! Try these 8 easy DIY decoration ideas you can do with the kids. Get in the holiday spirit and decorate as a family!

Pom-pom panache

Crafts for toddlers need to be simple, and this one is about as simple as it gets. Cut a Christmas tree out of construction paper, have the kids dip pom-poms in white glue and stick them to the paper.

Christmas tree with pom-poms

Personalized presents

Make your own wrapping paper this year. First, buy some plain brown kraft paper. Next, make your own potato stamp. Cut a potato in half, press a cookie cutter into a potato, then cut around it with a knife, leaving a raised image. Have the kids dip the stamps in paint and then onto the paper.

Christmas potato stamp

Christmas wreath

Cut a circle out of card stock or bristol board—go for green if you want a more realistic wreath—and have the kids cover it with buttons. If you don’t have any buttons, you can use small circles of colourful paper. Add a bow for the finishing touch.

Christmas wreath in paper

Colourful Christmas tree

Make a stencil by tracing a Christmas tree on a piece of cardboard or cardstock and cutting it out. Place the tree stencil on a piece of white paper. Put several different colours of paint on a plate or piece of wax paper.

Have kids use their finger, a cotton swab, or a small sponge stamp (available at art supply stores) to decorate the tree. Carefully remove the stencil. Then just add a star and trunk. This also works well for homemade Christmas cards.

Tree stencil for painting

Wood works

You can use wood craft sticks to make all sorts of cute decorations. To make sure they stick together, glue a piece of stiff paper or cardboard to the back or glue several sticks onto another stick. Kids can then paint the sticks to create a snowman, Christmas tree or elf.

Snowman and Christmas tree in wood sticks

Modern Christmas tree

Collect some paper in different colours and patterns and cut out circles of the same size. This is a great way to reuse leftover wrapping paper and reduce waste. Fold the circles in half, put glue on a half of each circleand arrange the circles to make a tree.

Colourful tree with folded paper

Cardboard characters

Save empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls. Paint them and add unique decorative touches (cotton balls, twigs, pom-poms, construction paper, etc.) to create fun characters.

Fun characters made with toilet paper rolls

Decorative plate

For this project, you’ll need a paper plate “canvas.” Cut out strips of different coloured paper and glue them to the plate to create a Christmas tree with branches of various lengths. Add pom-poms, stickers, glitter, sequins or other decorative touches. You can also paint the plate blue to make it look like nighttime in the background.

Paper plates with a paper tree glued to it

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