January 19, 2023

Everything you need to know about electric floor heating

Have you ever experienced electric floor heating? If so, you know how comfortable it can be. Maybe you’re even considering installing it in your own home.

Before diving in, find out whether this type of heating is right for you and your home.

How does it work?

Electric floor heating works with electrical wires. Heat-conducting electrical wires encased in tubes are threaded through the concrete slab below the flooring. The system radiates heat across the whole surface area of the floor.

The good and the bad

Electric floor heating is great in the bathroom. But it’s also a very practical way to reach otherwise hard-to-heat areas. While there are many advantages to this type of heating, there are also a few drawbacks.

Some of the best things about electric floor heating are that it’s invisible, energy efficient, distributes heat evenly, and requires virtually no maintenance.

However, heating a room through the floor alone can take a while. Other disadvantages include replacing the flooring, installation costs, and the fact that the system elevates the floor.

Can it be installed in any room?

You can install a heated floor in just about any room in the house or in the garage.

Electric floor heating is more expensive to install than other types, such as hydronic floor heating, which uses a network of pipes containing a mixture of water and glycol.

Given the cost, it may be preferable to install electric floor heating in smaller rooms, such as the bathroom. By tucking heating elements away under the floor, you can maximize your usable space. You might feel as if you have more space when the heating system takes none.

Does it work with any type of flooring?

Practical and versatile, electric floor heating can be used with different types of flooring. Ceramic, stone, and floating floors work well.

However, experts advise against wood and plastic since heat and humidity may damage these materials.

Carpets don’t work either, because they block the heat

How much does it cost?

Electric floor heating installation costs depend on factors such as surface area, the home’s condition, and the home’s electrical installation capacities.

It’s less expensive to install electric floor heating while a home is under construction. As part of a renovation, it can be more costly, depending on how much work it takes. Existing floors also affect the cost.

The available amperage in the home’s existing electrical system must be able to accommodate the system. If its capacity is insufficient, upgrading the electrical panel will increase the cost.

To estimate the electrical consumption of a heated floor, consult a specialist. You can also visit this European site and convert euros to Canadian dollars.

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