October 12, 2022

How to get rid of white grubs

White grubs will cause colour changes in your lawn. Brown patches that appear in the summer and early fall could be a hint that white grubs are eating the roots. It’s important to know the signs and to use one or more proven methods to get rid of them. Here are a few of our favourite DIY white grub treatments.

What are the signs of white grubs in the lawn?

Brown patches and other kinds of deterioration could indicate lawn disease. Brown grass could mean your lawn has a fungal disease. It could also mean white grubs. Signs of these damaging worms include:

  • Patches of dead grass: your lawn has brown patches.
  • Your garden entertains certain guests more often: birds, skunks, raccoons and other animals like to eat worms and other insects in the lawn.
  • White grubs in the soil: if you can see c-shaped, milky-white grubs in a soil sample taken from your garden, you likely have an infestation. Learn more about white grubs and how to identify them.

How to get rid of white grubs?

Beneficial nematodes are a quick and natural way to get rid of white grubs. Beneficial nematodes are microscopic worms. They enter moist soil below your grass and kill the larvae by releasing pathogens.

Another DIY treatment to get rid of white grubs is dish soap. In a spray bottle, combine a  bit of liquid dish soap with water and spray infested areas. Worms and Japanese beetles will suffocate in the solution, and die. The solution can kill adult beetles before they have a chance to lay their eggs. It can also be used against other unwanted critters.

Preventive measures can stop adult Junebugs from laying their eggs. Control measures, such as specifically designed traps, will help stop these beetles from damaging trees. Fruit trees are especially susceptible to pests.

Whether you’re dealing with ants in the kitchen or white grubs in your lawn, infestations are no fun. We hope you find a fix for the problem and avoid an infestation with our DIY white grub treatment tips.

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