June 13, 2023

Summer 2023 decor trends

Summer is almost here, bringing new trends in interior and exterior decor. From the return of bright colours reminiscent of coastal atmospheres, to bright white walls, there's something for everyone this season. If you want to give your home a new look before the heat hits, here are the decor trends for summer 2023.

White and blue turquoise living room with coastal look

Coastal decor

The first decor trend of summer 2023 is coastal decor. With a focus on light, airy spaces inspired by the ocean and the beach, coastal decor interiors are perfect for summer. For the best results, stick to a palette of colours reminiscent of the ocean, sand, and sky, with bright whites, neutral shades, and refreshing blues.

Coastal decor also typically includes natural materials such as wood, wicker and linen. This decor trend is inspired by the wellness movement, and can even be used in the garden to create your own seaside resort-style space.

Bright colours

The next decor idea for summer 2023 is the use of bright colours. From sunshine yellow to emerald green to ocean blue, interior designers are loving vibrant hues this season. These trendy colours for 2023 can help bring a minimalist room to life or add a summery touch to a more formal space, perhaps along with carefully selected artwork, accent accessories, or carpets.

White walls

Decorative trends for summer 2023 also include white walls. White walls and ceilings add a fresh and modern look to any room, creating a feeling of openness. They reflect natural light, which brightens both large and small spaces. If you’re worried about ending up with a room that lacks energy, it’s easy to come up with decor ideas for white walls.

Natural materials

Natural materials are once again a decor must this year: bamboo, jute, and seagrass are making a big comeback this summer. From braided baskets to rattan furniture, incorporating natural elements into your home and garden decor helps create a relaxing atmosphere.

Textured cushions or pillows

Mixing textures and materials

Mixing textures and materials is a great way to add style, depth, and dimension to your interior spaces. The different textures of fabric, wood, and natural materials bring a room to life, creating an inviting and unique atmosphere. That’s why this is one of the must-see trends in interior decor, because textures can even evoke emotions and help to create a comfortable and comforting living space.

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