September 5, 2023

Wall decor: 18 trendy tips

In search of a great idea for your wall decor? We set out to find some inspired ideas for you. Here are 18 of our best discoveries, with many eco-options among them.

1. The warmth of wicker
Old baskets look great on the wall and can be easily found in a range of styles at reasonable prices.
Wicker baskets

2. Hats off!
Use those hats you never wear to cap off your wall decor. Now, that’s using your head!
Old hats on the wall

3. Branching out
Dried plants or a natural branch in a simple frame makes a surprisingly effective wall decoration.
Dried flowers and plants in frames

4. Flower power
No need to go to art school to festoon your walls with florals.Simply use stencils or, if you're not feeling adventurous, wallpaper or tapestry!
Greenery stencils

5. Modern or vintage?
Scour antique stores and flea markets for one-of-a-kind metal or wood wall decorations. Add the right lighting and you've got a creative look.
Decorative metallic structure

6. Plants, everywhere in your home
From potted cacti to hanging plants to frames depicting vegetation, nature invites itself into your décor.
Plant themed living room

7. Contour shelves
Add dimension to the room with a corner-hugging shelf filled with knick-knacks and books.
Contour shelves

8. Built-in bookcase
This classic feature might take a little extra work, but it can transform the space while maintaining square footage.
Built-in bookcase

9. A marriage of form and function
Do you have lots of clothes and accessories to hang in the hallway? Organize them with baskets, wardrobes and hooks. Take this opportunity to choose a type of decorative wall hook that appeals to you.
Decorative hallway shelves

10. Fond memories
Display old photos that bring back memories and spark conversation with guests.
Kodak photos

11. When your hobby is a passion
Do you love surfing or playing guitar? Showcase your favorite activity for a room that reflects your personality.
Surfboard in living room

12. Geometric decor
The clean lines of geometric shapes are a well-calculated look!
Hexagonal shelves

13. Wall of green
Nature is all the rage when it comes to decorating: why not install pots and hooks to transform your wall into a garden?
Wall of green in living room

14. Web of memories
Photos linked together by string or garlands of light: play detective and add a beautiful wall decoration to your bedroom.
Web of photos

15. Texture!
A textured finish may be all you need to liven up a wall.
Grey textured wall

16. Baby smart
Is there a budding Picasso in the house? Make a whimsical display of their talent.
Children drawings on wall

17. Thematic composition
Do you have a collection of objects or a subject you're passionate about? Show it off.
Collection of clocks

18. Well-framed
Why not let the frames do the talking?
Varied original frames

Love these ideas? A far cry from the simple, impersonal decorative wall panel.

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