March 23, 2023

How to maximize space in a small kitchen

Our tips will help you make your small kitchen ergonomic and functional while maximizing storage space.


Install narrow shelves, cube shelves, rods, bars and hooks on every wall. Hang hooks and baskets on a pegboard to free up your work space.

Got a little space around the fridge? Add a wine or bottle rack. You can also use it to store rolled up table linens.

Install small containers inside cabinet doors for small jars and other food items. Sliding doors are another space-saving option.

Looking for an original wall storage system? Stack some wooden crates or old drawers on top of each other. You can stack them up to the ceiling, if you want. It’s a truly ingenious way to upcycle.

Got a large window instead of a wall? A trunk can double as storage space and a bench. 

Opt for an English-style chest of drawers, as it offers multiple levels of storage in a single façade. Corner cabinets and drawers optimize every inch of floor space, while rotating turntables make the most of your cupboards.

If your pantry allows, install pull-out drawers at the bottom and shelves at the top. Add stackable bins, dividers and trays to every cabinet and drawer for plates, glasses and bowls.

Work surface

A large board can function as a cutting board, an extra work surface and a serving tray.

A pull-out or folding countertop is perfect in a galley kitchen and can even double as a side table for meals.

Layout and decor

Forget the double-bowl sink: one is enough. Presto! You just saved space. Create a makeshift work surface by placing a cutting board or tray over the sink.

A kitchen island with wheels fulfils multiple functions in a small kitchen. It’s a two-in-one storage space/work surface. It can even work as a serving area in a pinch!    

What about the fridge and appliances? First, figure out the most practical layout, and consider having them built in to blend into your decor. If you’re going for a minimalist look, a small kitchen is perfect. 

Declutter the floor by moving garbage cans and compost/recycling bins out of the kitchen. More floor space will make it easier to move around.

Replacing chairs with stools is an easy way to save space. They’re understated, functional and stow under the island.

Hang wire baskets on the walls near your work space for an effect that is both practical and minimalist.

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