January 31, 2023

Kitchen trends to adopt in 2023

Curious about 2023 kitchen trends? Here are eight great ways to turn your kitchen into the centrepiece of your decor.

Less is more

A streamlined look is one of the major kitchen trends for 2023. The room should be filled with light, clutter-free and in tones of white, with plenty of hidden storage. For a highly structured look, opt for straight lines and pale colours.

Invite nature indoors

Modern kitchens in 2023 favour muted shades, matte finishes, and natural materials. Go for solid wood and raw stone. Earth tones complement warm whites and beiges, lending a welcoming ambiance. 

In-vogue colours

Fashionable colours this year include peach and green. Be bold and splash them onto cabinet doors, or take a subtle approach with an accent wall in one of these shades. You can also opt for accessories in one or both colours. 

Behind the scenes in the kitchen

A walk-in space or “butler’s pantry” is a fun, secret pantry. This dedicated storage and organizing space should be highly functional. Mix in different types of storage: shelves, storage containers and bins, hooks, cabinets, hanging rods, drawers, etc. Delight in decluttering! 

Counters and backsplashes

One 2023 trend is to use stone, veined marble, or quartz for a countertop, and extend it into the backsplash. It has a striking effect. A miniature shelf (6 inches or less) for decorative elements lends interest.

Bench press

Banquettes are a great way to optimize space in 2023. No matter how you cover them—velvet, leather, etc.—they add a comforting vibe to your kitchen.

Guest of honour

The 2023 kitchen guest of honour is: light itself! Begin by maximizing natural light, enlarging windows, and removing heavy curtains. Next, find a light fixture that steals the show. Pick a true work of art and let it set the mood! Look for tones of gold or bronze, or choose a mix of materials.

The element of surprise

Conceal your kitchen! Making it practically invisible means allowing it to blend into the adjoining room’s decor. Perform this camouflage manoeuvre by using the same materials, extending panels, and opting for built-in appliances (refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, oven and oven fan). A counter cooktop is smoothly integrated. The overall look should be harmonious. Same goes for door handles: they should be invisible. The current trend is to leave them off entirely, or to use the mouldings.

What’s your favourite 2023 kitchen trend?

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