August 24, 2023

How to set up a coffee or tea station at home

Are you a coffee or tea person? Do you just have one cup before work or several all day long? For many people, a hot drink means well-being and comfort. Some even consider coffee or tea important enough to dedicate a corner of their home to it.

Coffee nook

How about you? If you’re interested in setting up a coffee or tea station in your home, read on.

A coffee or tea station in the kitchen

A kitchen renovation is a great opportunity to add a coffee or tea nook—a little spot where everything you need for coffee or tea is on hand. But just dreaming about it isn’t enough. You need to plan out your caffeination station!

Before you start the reno, ask yourself:

  • Where will the coffee or tea station go?
  • Are there enough electrical outlets for all your accessories (kettle, coffee maker, milk frother, etc.)?
  • How big is your espresso machine? If you are planning to put it underneath a kitchen cabinet, make sure there is enough room.

A modern coffee or tea station should include mugs, sugar and anything else you regularly use. Should it go on a shelf, in a cabinet or on the counter? It’s up to you—go with what’s right for you and your daily routine.

If high-end design is your thing, consider including a mini sink in your coffee corner. Check what else you may need, depending on your coffee or espresso machine. For example, does it have a built-in coffee grinder?

High-end design coffee machine

Now is the time to think about the decor. Take a look at these 10 fantastic home decor gifts for interior design lovers, for you or a coffee-loving friend!

A coffee cabinet? Why not!

If a kitchen reno’s not in the cards but you still want a dedicated coffee or tea corner, go for it! Clear a space on your counter for your coffee pot, tea kettle, favourite mugs, a few decorations and you’re set!

Maybe you have limited space in the kitchen. You don’t need to live in a mansion to find space for a coffee station. Your living room, dining room or even your bedroom—like at a hotel—work just as well. Get creative: pick a beautiful cabinet or cart, arrange everything as you like, and voilà!

Coffee station on a cabinet

Decor ideas

It’s teatime—let’s talk about decor!

Pick up some charming or vintage containers for your coffee beans, ground coffee, sugar and tea leaves. A poster featuring coffee or tea and a cute plant will complete the look.

Now you have the perfect space to refine your barista skills!

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